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    Unit frames+chatmod

    Anyone can tell me what Unit frames they are and the chatmod?

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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    I'm using Pitbull & Prat.

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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    Quote Originally Posted by Sych
    I'm using Pitbull & Prat.
    Same here.

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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    I think it's Pitbull & Prat aswell.

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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    Im 95% sure thats Pitbull for the Unitframe.
    as for the chat Mod, thats MiniChat. they may also have Prat, i cant tell.
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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    Prat and ag_uf is what i use.
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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    And Pitbull / Prat and MiniChat are used in that screenshot.

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    Re: Unit frames+chatmod

    Those UFs could be almost any UFs. Its all doable in Pitbull, agUF and oUF. just need some customization.

    Chat too could be any chat mod that add timestamps and format channel names(which they almost all do).

    And yes, Minichat is used, but Minichat doesnt affect the output of the chat, it only act as a reziser.

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