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    Grid shows cast bars ?

    hi all i regually troll these forums, mostly the UI ones when a new post is made and it shows up on the homepage. :P

    My Question to you is, is there a addon like grid or can grid do it where it shows the raid members debuffs, mana, hp (as a bar with current/max) and casts ?

    i use pitbull atm but im not satisfied and it doesnt look great.
    Im a mage so i wont be asting heals on ppl and that so :P

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    Re: Grid shows cast bars ?

    You can configure grid to show debuffs (i have it set to only show magic as im a priest) and you can configure it to display when players are low on mana or oom.

    As far as i have found so far though you cannto show castbars, could be wrong though.
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