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    ag_Unitframes bug?

    I cannot open the Trade window, it shows everytime "charakter is busy right now", it works out only after re-logging and only one time. If smbd tries to trade with me, it writes "attempt refused" or smth like this. I'm using ag_Unitframes, updated from files.wowace.com via WAU (btw, wowace project belongs to Curse.com now?).
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: ag_Unitframes bug?

    I just wanna up this thread. Does smbd know the answer? I updated ag_Unitframes several times after the patch and still have the same problem(.

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    Re: ag_Unitframes bug?

    In your interface options for World of Warcraft, you can set "block incoming trades" (or something like that, I'm at work now, so cannot double check the exact name). This would make you unavailable to receive trades.

    Furthermore, if you are two persons trying to trade oneanother at the same time, the trading system would lock up, and you'll need to run away from him/her (approximately 15-20 yards) until you see a "trade cancelled" message. Then try to trade that person again.

    I doubt agUF is your source for these problems.

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    Re: ag_Unitframes bug?

    Have encountered similar problems when trading people atr the start of a raid inside the instance, always found zoneing out and in again did the job, or just running as Thuz said about 20 yards away and comming back.
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    Re: ag_Unitframes bug?

    If two people trade at the same time, it also cause the problem :-)

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