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    Anyone know how to make pitbull show the targets buff/debuffs?

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    Re: Pitbull

    Hard to explain when i dont have wow open.

    But Target -> Other -> Aura's and there should be an oppertunety to select show buffs and debuffs, where on the frame you want them etc.

    Sorry if im wrong tho :/

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    Re: Pitbull

    The EU servers are down so I can't say for definite. But that sounds about right.

    Also make sure Aura Filtering is off, else you'll only see the [de]buffs you apply to the target. Unless you want that, then tick it ;x

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    Re: Pitbull

    I have a similar pitbull problem, last night i accidently fucked up my Player frame (ticking boxes i didnt undertsand ^^) and had to re-do it.

    Ive got it all back as i wanted it save now it says my level and rank in my mana bar (which i really dont need to know) and it doesnt my total health and current heal values anymore e.g 6754/8001.

    Trolled all the options looking to change them but cant find anything remotley obvious and dont want to screw it up.
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    Re: Pitbull

    Text > Other > [Pick what text you want]

    for Health pick *drumroll* ... Health !

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