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    UI reset

    Hi, yesterday my UI was fine as i logged off, and now today every addon has been resetted apart from one (RECOUNT) which remains the same as i logged off yesterday, just wanted to know if others were getting the same problem as one of my guild member said the same happend to him.. also would anyone know how this problem occured because its rather lame that i spent hours customising my UI and now suddenly it's all been resetted.

    oh i also did not make any backups which is even more lame!!!

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    Re: UI reset

    If you spend hours configuring your UI, and when you are done you log out of the game by ALT+F4 without zoning, reloading, relogging or such, you will lose all settings, as WoW saves the interface settings at each UI reload or you log out.

    It can also be caused by corrupt data in your SavedVariables, due to a brutal shutdown of WoW (loss of power to your computer, blue screens, etc).

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    Re: UI reset

    If you are done with setting up your interface just do a /rl or /console reloadui to save your settings.
    And backup your wtf folder every while

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