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    Error with CooldownCount 2

    Hey guys,

    Just thought i'd let you know the following: this week, my guild's had some real troubles with getting Omen2 to work properly (people not appearing, windows disappearing, wrong info etc) which was rooted in some error with the threat 2.0 library.

    However, one thing that fixed many of our troubles was disabling CooldownCount if you had it: for some reason this seems to mess around with omen's functionality (I'm not a UI boff so I don't know exactly why), and for me it also mucked up Prat. Disabling it therefore makes everything else work.

    Just thought i'd let you know in case it happened to you too!

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    Re: Error with CooldownCount 2

    I had the same problems yesterday with Omen2, Prat and Cooldowncount it's apparently something to do with the libs just download LibSharedMedia-3.0 fixes everything without u having to unistall anything.

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