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    Pitbull Anchors


    I've got a problem with my Pitbull UF and i've got no idea how to solve it by myself.
    The classtext of my frame and my target's frame is in a different position and it looks... well... :-\

    Any suggestions how to solve it?

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    âre the text settings the same?
    PitBull -> <modul> -> Text -> Name ? both in the same frame with the same anchor?

    looks like player ist "outside bottom-left" in the and target is only "outside right"

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    They are the same :/

    Outside bottom left/right ._.

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    both in the same "position" ?... think they are...

    strange. tried an older version? i have pitpull for wow-2.3 and it works fine...

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    i've got the newest version, updated this morning with aceupdater.

    both are anchored on "frame" - outside bottom left and outside bottom right. the right one is higher. i've got no idea.

    i'll try an older version. hoping it's not "buggy".

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    if your lables are correct you have the name for player outside top left and name for target on outside bottom left which could cause the error.

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    Phew Phew - eat this!

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    use another position, for example the potrait. i downt know i this will work, just an idea

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    if i'll choose "portrait" my names will appear in my portrait... in my opinion this won't make it really better

    (kann es sein das wir vielleicht auch deutsch reden könnten? ;>)

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    Re: Pitbull Anchors

    theoretisch könnten wir deutsch reden, aber dann kann hier kein anderer mitmischen ^^
    wenn du dein layout veränderst, so das zB das portrait in der mitte ist und die texte es an den health und mana balken ausrichtest (right/left outside...)?
    also n anderes layout?

    (in english, try another layout^^)

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