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    Top Tournament 3v3? Rogue/lock/druid?

    While playing in the tournament, my current team setup is a MMhunter/SHSrogue and a resto druid. We can beat almost any combination thrown at us. after we started to hit 1900 and 2k teams started to become very similar in their setups. We started to only see rogue/lock/druid combos. Is this going to be the tournament setup? Seems to be the hardest team to beat for us, and the most team combo we see. I personally think this is the most op combo. ussually 10 min fights at least...

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    Re: Top Tournament 3v3? Rogue/lock/druid?

    Just recently tried this combo myself. It does seem easier than a rogue / druid / war.

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    Re: Top Tournament 3v3? Rogue/lock/druid?

    war/ret/druid beats most other druid/double dps combos and dominates RMP. i wish there was a top combo of it getting together on tournament realm though to show its true potential.

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    Re: Top Tournament 3v3? Rogue/lock/druid?

    Rogue/Lock/Druid shows its strength by being able to outlast opponents, as you said. Druids with their mana efficient healing and an innervate to boot. Rogues with infinite energy over any period of time, and warlocks with infinite mana pools so long as they have a healer alive and able to heal them. Naturally it'll be a powerful combination, but not impossible to beat. Just have to know how and when to CC the healer while burning down a Lock's pet and then killing the warlock once they can't instant summon.
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    Re: Top Tournament 3v3? Rogue/lock/druid?

    My warrior hit 2K + on Rogue/War/Holy Pally

    The only team we cant beat typically is a war/ele sham/pally, because of BoP Ele Nuking me.

    We walk all over Druid teams, and RPMs.

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