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    3v3 as double SL/SL lock and disc priest

    I just ran this the other day to squeeze some points in and we did tremendously well. I was wondering if this would be a problem in the higher brackets (we were only like 1750s) and also would we do better if one of the locks was destro and used my PI.

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    Re: 3v3 as double SL/SL lock and disc priest

    This Setup will get destroyed by 2 Melee.

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    Re: 3v3 as double SL/SL lock and disc priest

    That did seem to be our biggest weakness along with groups with shamans, but to counter it we always had to be on the move. Instead of just destroying the totems, we run away from them and if i (as the priest) have time, i will dagger them.

    We may have just outgeared the warriors

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    Re: 3v3 as double SL/SL lock and disc priest

    I could see a couple teams that would be problematic for you at higher brackets.

    As someone mentioned earlier, double melee teams, such as War/Rog/Dru would be tough, especially considering they could take out pets with limited difficulty leaving you weak as a mage with no ice block. Plus with higher resilience and high stam quantities the druid's HoTs will likely be able to compensate for the DoT damage that is reduced by 300+ resilience on each member.

    Another problematic one would be a double healer team. Despite the fact you could have pets on both healers and spell lock them, a LOT of your CC will overlap on DR. Making it difficult to chain CC one player for an extended amount of time (like you'd be able to with RMP Fear/Sheep/Blind/Sap which don't have the same DR). Teams like Priest/Druid/Warrior would become difficult as they could outlast your healer with 2 mana pools and an innervate (granted it can be Devoured but still). Or Shaman/Paladin/Warrior as well. Dispels from the Paladin would make it difficult to keep full dots up and bring their warrior down through 2 healers.

    Still, at lower brackets it would have success against teams with caster dps and lower resilience.
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