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    Targets gone wrong.

    Hello everyone.

    I've now started to play PvP as never before due to the high standards these items have. My issue is this:

    Recently started 5v5. The setup is good, the team spirit is good and the gear is good. What is our problem is targets. Here's our setup:

    Enhancement Shaman (me)
    MS Warrior
    SL\SL Warlock
    Disc Priest
    Resto Druid


    We are all above 350 resillience but we have some slight problems by choosing targets to DPS or maybe our teamwork wasn't that good. Could anyone say what targets we should have as first prio to get down or shall we try to dragg out the fight of some sort? Any thoughts?

    Thanks on beforehand.


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    Re: Targets gone wrong.

    Healers in this order imo,


    all you have to do train a healer, purge bop/pain supression/hots.

    While you lock fears something, druid clones something, and priest fears something.
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    Re: Targets gone wrong.

    back when i used to PvP on my shammy in S3 we normally focused 1 target(usually priest(prevent mana burn) or dps) as soon as warrior had full rage i popped heroism and we instantly nuked another target... due to our huge burst dmg the target died in 3-4 secs befor they could react :P so much fun! ^^ if we targeted a dps and they had a priest we would instantly nuke the priest... if not we would take one of their dps...
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    Re: Targets gone wrong.

    Will give it a shot! Thanks for the replies ^_^


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