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    Re: Eredar Twins world first kill by Nihilum

    rogues climbed on a wall is 0 dps
    Why have it if u cant use it?

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    Re: Eredar Twins world first kill by Nihilum

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelsofAnaheim
    Congrats on EU .. Thats an extreme acomplishment. Well here in America we have the millionares, everyone has to work and the little time we have we dont waste on worrying how good our country is in a little game.
    People playing a game and bragging about their epeen is still people bragging about in their game... Any if you didn't cared you wouldn't be posting here...
    We were talking about the game nothing else...

    But since you push the talk out of the game, what is so good about having millionaires? Saudi Arab has them too!:P Must be nice to live in a country where you have an handfull of millionaires and then have a bankrupt country where hundreds of people are loosing their houses everyday and young people are dying in Iraq...
    I bet I feel more sorry for the Americans who die in Iraq everyday than your own government...

    And just because we support all the population with social security doesn't mean we work less! Isn't that even a contradiction? It just means we worry about everyone... It means that it doesn't matter if you have health insurance or not... You'll get treated anyway...

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelsofAnaheim
    We worry about buying a new car or new house and then play wow on our free time.
    I bet people in Europe live in trailers and walk since they can't buy cars... Yes, we prefer to play games instead of working... Since of course people are born to work and shouldn't have fun at all!

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelsofAnaheim
    And we got a couple of nukes
    Now thats a retarded answer... We lost against Canada in some match... Its ok, we have nukes... that guy has a better dick, its ok, I got nukes... Must make you feel a man, having nukes, i mean...

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelsofAnaheim
    oh and if you want to be proude of a pro gaming game. try and pick something like Counterstrike source wich is a game that no matter how many hours you spend on it you actually need skill to be good at it not time spent on playing it
    I bet you must be a real pro in CS... Not that I care anyway... But just to enlight you, best CS team is from Sweden (Thats an Europe country, just in case you don't know)... Bet I can find the world rankings too...
    Anyway, you shouldn't care, you got nukes...

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    Re: Eredar Twins world first kill by Nihilum

    You forgot to mention that Nihilum are swedish as well.

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