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    [H] <Mediocrity>Blackrock-US (PST)- PvP-4/6 Sunwell - LF Raiders!

    Mediocrity is recruiting:

    - 1 Shadow Priest [HIGH DEMAND]
    - 1 Resto Shaman [HIGH DEMAND]
    - 1 Resto Druid [HIGH DEMAND]
    - 1 Holy Paladin [HIGH DEMAN]

    - 1 Feral Druid [MEDIUM DEMAN]
    - 1 Warlock [MEDIUM DEMAND]
    - 1 Mage [MEDIUM DEMAND]
    - 1 Hunter [MEDIUM DEMAND]
    - 1 Enhance Shaman[MEDIUM DEMAND]
    - 1 Holy Priest [MEDIUM DEMAND]

    - 1 Prot Pally [LOW DEMAND]
    - 1 Elemental Shaman [LOW DEMAND]
    - 1 Rogue [LOW DEMAND]
    - 1 Prot Warrior [LOW DEMAND]

    (low demand.. you'll be on the bench first.. but possibly some spots opening up if you're willing to take a bench spot for a bit)
    (warriors... ideally we'd want a warrior who could respec between both prot/arms, but we'll look at warriors who only excel at 1)

    Who are we?
    Mediocrity is a decently progressed PvE guild. We start raiding @ 7pm Pacific / Server Time - 12pm. We currently have 4/6 down in Sunwell.
    We are one of the oldest PvE guilds on the server, having gotten server firsts since the Molten Core days, and have been going ever since. We use a dkp loot system, so no need to kiss up to your guild officers... if you attend raids, you'll get dkp, and you can spend it however you want. We also use a standby system where you will accumulate dkp even if the raid is full, provided you are not-afk, and willing to sub in at a moments notice.

    Rank on WoWjutsu - US Horde - 31st

    What we can offer?
    - Experience
    - Stable Raid Environment
    - Fair Leadership and Loot Distribution (DKP based)
    (Trialees have the same loot privileges as Full Members)

    What are the requirements to joining?
    - Maturity (our median age is mid-late 20's)
    - High attendance (Sun-Thur raid availability)
    - Willingness to accept criticism and direction (sorry, we theorycraft a lot in the guild).
    - Willingness to not whine like a 13yo angsty teenager when decisions are made against you.
    - Willingness to spend your own gold on repairs and consumables (20-40 fully potted wipes is not cheap.. luckily, you can do 25 dailies now, so don't let me see you whine b/c as my own members will attest, whining about gold = frownie faces for realz).
    - Willingness to sit out raids and not complain (this is a big one). Actually, just not complain at all.. the guild's been around 3+ years... we must be doing something right, so sit back and enjoy the ride :/

    How do I apply?
    - http://mediocrityguild.com
    Following the application instructions correctly will be your first test.. If you can't get that right, well, frankly, that's pretty sad.

    Some sidenotes:
    We'd prefer if you were reasonably geared. Couple pieces T6 etc... having over 2100 healing is important. Don't waste our time with T4 or even low amounts of T5. We expect experience in MH and BT at minimum.

    Also, while this should be implicit, I'll make it explicit for the benefit of potential app'ers:

    The amt of time you spend on your application is about double the time I will spend reading your app. So if you spend 3 min on an app, don't expect me to actually finish reading it before telling you to re-write it.

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    Re: [H] <Mediocrity>Blackrock-US (PST)- PvP-4/6 Sunwell - LF Raiders!


    Need some new healers to finally have things set again. Holy priests and resto shamans especially. Maybe 1 holy pally. 2100+ healing min. Experience in all of MH and BT.

    Full on rogues, hunters, prot warriors, and prot pallys. But always interested in exceptional players.

    Could use another lock at T6 level only, 1 Feral druid and maybe 1 more mage at most as well. T6 spriest always welcomed

    Players are expected maintain a 80%+ attendance.

    Check us out 8)

    Post updated everyday.

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    Re: [H] <Mediocrity>Blackrock-US (PST)- PvP-4/6 Sunwell - LF Raiders!

    Bump still looking for healers!

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    Re: [H] <Mediocrity>Blackrock-US (PST)- PvP-4/6 Sunwell - LF Raiders!

    Bump! Resto shamans gogo! ;D

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    Re: [H] <Mediocrity>Blackrock-US (PST)- PvP-4/6 Sunwell - LF Raiders!

    back to the top! =)

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