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    Re: Brutallus Advice needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Dsswoosh
    2 days ago we did brutalis with our druid tank wearing 1 part t4, 3 parts t5 and 1 part t6.

    If tanks die on this fight and they are doing their jobs, then healers are failing. And yes flame away, "ZOMG no druid tank wearing this gear can tank brutalis". I dont care if no one believes me

    no really
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    Re: Brutallus Advice needed

    Plan your trinkets(moroes-trinket works well here in combination with shadowmoon insignia), nightmare seeds and barkskin for taunts/stomps. This fight is horrible for healers, you're basically screwed by your global cooldown if heals aren't desynced well enough. Having some healers focusing extra on landing heals after stomp can help. And if you're not chainchugging ironshields already do it.

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