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    Gems for a druid?

    I run a Rogue/druid 2v2
    resto sham/war/druid for 3v3. i
    im the resto druid and was wondering what gems to socket????. i figure 9healing/2mp5 because in my teams i wont be the one getting attacked bc of kiting ability? but im not sure havent hit 70 yet :P

    i see alot of mixed gems on the druids i inspect.

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    Re: Gems for a druid?

    bump. no1 has any clue?

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    Re: Gems for a druid?

    If you're socketing or focusing on pvp you want res/sta gems to reach any certain res number you want either 300 or 350 that depends on you. but normally for pve 9healing2mp5 gems are the staple for red/blue sockets and 9healing4int for yellow ones, some druids like the 9healing4spirit one since they're stacking spirit but im not quite sure how much better that is over 2mp5. Hope this helps

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    Re: Gems for a druid?

    Yes and no.

    Here's the problem with 9 healing and 2 mp5. It's great for healing, and I use it to fill out and try to get the socket resilience bonuses, but you still need a decent amount of +spell hit in Arena to make your cyclones work well. Also, if you don't have full Glad gear + vind, you need the resilience + stamina. So, it's a mixure depending on your gear.

    If you have full Vind + Glad, you want to get 2-3 +8 Spell Hit gems (Great Dawnstones) in your gear to supplement the fact that you have 0 +hit otherwise.

    However, if you also need to consider if you don't have full Vind + Glad that you need as much resilience and stamina as you can get. When I was getting my glad gear, I did all res + stam except where I could get the bonuses and then I would socket it with the appropriate color (like +9 healing + 2 mp5). A good druid doesn't depend on Innervate, so socketing for spirit doesn't work well (there's always a good chance that with fully covering your innervate it's going to get dispelled).

    So... unfortunately, you can just say 1 gem is best (or even 2 or 3 or 4). But the 9 healing + 2 mp5 is best if you're fully geared, and otherwise I'd concentrate on stam/resilience gems (I did the +8 resilience gem sometimes too).

    Shoot for 10k HP self-buffed, 400 resilience and 1500-1600 +healing (depending on which trinket I used). That's what I had for stats midway through S3.

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    Re: Gems for a druid?

    Froppy does have good points.

    Another thing you could do to help with your spell hit is to get the Sha'tar helm enchant and 15 spell hit to gloves enchant. Those 2 enchants should get you close enough to the spell hit cap (3% i think). Also, 20 spell pen to cloak enchant.

    I would gem for stam and resi until you get 10k hp and 400 resi. After i reached that point i switched all of my gems for 9healing/2mp5 and 4int/2mp5. Druids are pretty hard to kill but good geared rogues and warriors will tear you a new one, I'm full s3 and they still rip me apart. And my reasoning for mana regen gems is that i play hunter/druid and our games are all about outlasting the other teams mana so every bit of regen helps.

    Also, if you run dreamstate for 2v2 with your rogue, you should be over the spell hit cap from your talents so no need for spell hit gems/enchants.

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    Re: Gems for a druid?

    I've thought about the helm enchant, and have almost done it, but I reconsidered because of the MP5. 7 MP5 is a lot and you'd need to do almost 4 +9 healing gems to make up for that difference (whereas I'm pretty happy with 2 great dawnstones).

    Spell Dmg enchant and 4 +9 Healing / 2 Mp5 gems = +58 (22 spell) healing and 8 MP5 + 14 hit


    Healing enchant and 2 +8 Spell Hit, 2 +9 Healing / 2 mp5 gems = +16 hit, +53 healing and 12 mp5

    I prefer the 2nd option as a Resto Druid, but ymmv depending on your spec (IS or not)

    Also, if you get down to balance of power (+4 to hit) you wouldn't need the +hit gems really.. but then you're more considered Oomkin then Resto and would probably gem for +spell or offensive rather than healing (because most likely you've got another healer in the group). I do agree, but was meaning more for Resto than anything.

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