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    what is this...shadows?

    Picture grabbed me in the gamespot review. looked like an actual shadow being rendered for the player, but didnt seem quite right. Anyone able to shed some light?

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    looks like a shadowfiend to me a dead one at that

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    Obviously the priest is transforming into an alien!

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    you are morphing into Illidan :P

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    hmm, maybe the frost effect is interfering with the translucency effect. It does sort of have the look of a dead fiend (I am a priest ^^) but the fiend never looked so "2d", it still had different levels of transparency due to being a 3d object. But I have noticed how alpha textures often get lost when placed infront or behind another alpha texture, in this case the frost effect.

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    It's the shadow of the priest god that gives us, priests, the power to bring destruction and holiness to this world.

    For every Light, there is a Shadow.

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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    There's definitely an alien inside of you eating your organs...

    It's just a shadowfiend, my god they're ugly
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    Re: what is this...shadows?

    I think a more important question is why is that warrior dual wielding?

    I mean has he not heard of mace stun?
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