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    Bs way to 385

    I am thinking on getting Blacksmithing up to lvl 385. I was thinking its an good idea to get mining up as well.

    Anyone know any good guides for Blacksmithing and Mining?

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    Re: Bs way to 385

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    Re: Bs way to 385

    Quote Originally Posted by Clay
    You just google something dosnt mean it's good, anyone know a good site instead of searching ur 138.000 sites

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    Re: Bs way to 385

    Used these guides to lvl mining on my lock and bs on my warrior:

    Blacksmithing -

    Mining -

    Can say it's good enough for me, had no problems lvling any of the mentioned proffs, if you're lucky for 360-375 bs you can run arca normal/heroic, AC heroic and sl normal/heroic for felsteel recepies, they help alot imo, had the luck of getting them all on my warr. Mined the fel iron with epic fly on lock and bought the eternium from ah and got up pretty fast + alot of shards afterwards. You can also give away crafts on trade hopefully

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    Re: Bs way to 385


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