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    2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Hello there priests and pvpers, my RL friend/2v2 partner and I (he's a warrior, I'm a druid, we also each have several other 70s the warrior/druid are not our mains) decided to try a 2 priest 2v2 for fun because the thought sounds so...interesting, and fun.

    We've each started priests, he got a bit of a head start so he's about 10 levels higher than me, but we're each on our way up there. He's a night elf, I'm a draenei. As for our specs, we plan on having a disc/shadow and a holy/shadow (with a majority of our points being in the non shadow tree). That way we'll both be healing and doing dmg at the same time. I planned on being the holy one, so I have been messing around with TONS of spec possibilities, and the only way to get answers to some of my quests would be to ask some experienced pvp priests, sooooo, if you dont mind

    I was originally going to just put 7 points into disc for the martyrdom talent, but looking back, is it worth it to put some more points in just to grab meditation (30% mana regen while casting) and inner focus?

    How important is silent resolve? 20% less chance to be dispelled seems nice because of how many magic buffs priest have, but then again, they still have an 80% chance of dispelling said buff.

    Inspiration (25% armor on crits), since priests don't have much armor, is it worth it to have this for arenas? Assume the only person it will be used on is a priest.

    Spiritual healing (25% spirit into dmg/heal), arena gear has no spirit (correct me if I'm wrong) how much benefit will a pvp priest get out of this for 5 whole points (also assume the disc priest has spirit buff).

    Are martyrdom, blessed recovery, and blessed resilience really as awesome as they sound?!

    Is it a must have for the disc priest to have some points in holy, or can they go full disc/shadow (maybe just imp renew in holy?)

    How much crit chance does a holy priest in pvp gear have? Lots of abilities proc off crits and I want to know if it's worth to take those compared to how much crit I'll actually have.

    Is pain suppression a must have for arenas? Could we live without it?

    How are priests' mana in arenas? I know I've been in ones where the priest sits around using prayer of mending and mana burn and is almost always full, but since we will be doing dmg and healing, maybe it will be different.

    Basically this team is going to be 2 healers who throw dots up, mind flay, mana burn, and jump around healing the other team to death. (one with 3/2 heal/dmg gear, the other with 2/3 heal/dmg). To mix things up we have another friend who may lvl their priest and make a 3 priest 3v3 (in which case the third priest will probably be either full disc/something or half holy/shadow). I like funky specs, they're more fun than cookie cutter ones :P HOWEVER, if it turns out just being the average disc/holy works out better...well...then we would just do that instead, but trying out a little different spec sounds adventurous for now.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Well for one thing. Remember priests have no methods of escapeing anything ( please dont mention the 6 year cooldown 55000 ways to get out / remove fear. ) When that rogue / warrior gets a hold of you, theres not much you can do. Try casting that oh so over rated mana burn / flash heal when theres a rogue sticking daggers into ur back and kicking everything you try to cast ( thats if your not stunned from 13K hp to 0 ...)

    Arena as shadow usualy consists of *LOL a shadow priest * from the opposing team. As you walk in and die in under 5 seconds.

    Disc - you end up being a punch bag most of the time. You can keep urself and others alive nicely ( not so easy with the amount of mortal strike effects these days though ), but your mana wont last forever. You will usualy lose to teams with pala / druid healers.

    However, priests seem to do better in 3v3, but again usualy lose out to the pala / druid . and do pretty good in 5v5s with another healer to help them stay alive in the 5v5 area.

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Well you are right about that point, and it's something that's been bothering me for a while. With a warrior or rogue that's constantly trying to lock you down, even if you can get him off you, the only benefit you get from that is having to spend less mana staying alive until you are getting attacked again. I guess there's the fact that priest bubbles prevent warriors from getting rage, it may not take too many hits, but it helps.

    So far the best I've thought up is: If it's a healer/dps team, see how well one priest can stay alive with a warrior or rogue on them, the other priest can also aid in healing said priest as well as damaging the attacker to draw out the healer, and then in case of a non druid healer, mana burning the healer while they try to heal their partner. In a 2 dps, I just hope 2 priest's worth of heals is enough to keep someone up long enough to take down 1 dps with gradual dots and other various attacks slowly burning down their health.

    What scares me the most are rogues, hunters (viper sting and no cure poison, ouch!), and UA locks (makes dispel cry). Now as long as two of those aren't on the same team...there's hope for strategy.

    Just to clarify, so far our priests are lvls 27 and 37 (ish?), we have lots of experience in arenas, but not with priests...at all. This is all just experimentation and fun, I really have no idea if these ideas will work in actually pvp scenarios.

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    As someone who plays a priest in arena (4/5 venge) you won't have the regen to outlast people. It's sad, but true.

    Two half resto half boomkin druids would probably be more fun and more interesting than two priests.

    In any case, you're going to have to learn to kite, a lot. When there are pets, try to LOS and kill the pet. Pets are a pain in the ass, because you WILL need to drink as a priest. (All healers need to drink, but druids have it easiest, then shaman with constant totems, priests if the fiend cooperates, and paladin after a mana burn fest.)

    Slowly wearing them down will work only if they're dumb enough to not keep both of you in combat. If they let you drink, then you may have a chance. But higher you climb, the smarter they'll be, and you won't be allowed to drink, so you'll eventually be run out of mana, and will probably be more frustrated than having fun at that point losing 20+ minute games. :/

    You can try stacking mp5, but then you'll be hurting in the stam/dmg/healing department.

    If you're going to do two priests, I wouldn't suggest being in a 2s, I'd suggest finding another friend who's a dps and do that. Then you can be healing/shadow hybrids, keep that dps (preferably something with a better renewable energy source for dpsing; warrior, rogue, warlock) alive, while doing dps yourself and healing when need be. That type of 3s I could actually see going somewhere if you played it right.

    Either way, hope you have fun with leveling. I love being a priest, even if it has its downsides. Granted, I'm one of those, "You can't kill me" disc priests everyone hates, but still. BG healing is awesome when you try and see just how many people you can tank before they kill you. xD

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Priests are probably the hardest healing/dps arena class to play since we have so many varieties/spells to do... not just 3 buttons and run around poles and drink...

    Priest 1: http://wowhead.com/?talent=bxMhkhgtdcqtbZVMGz
    Priest 2: http://wowhead.com/?talent=bxxzzhGZZVMgzMtoGtVo

    Priest 1 mainly keeps up insta cast heals/shields while helping DoT/Mindflay/SWdeath dps and heal/mind control as aditional CC.
    Priest 2 focuses on keeping dots up and spamming mind flay between mind blast cooldowns, both save SWdeath till low unless its a really hard to kill target with a good healer who isn't being fear spammed or mind controled.

    With 2 improved psychic screams, you need to keep next to each other, and not let both of you get out of LoS of your CC target, or your DPS target. If the 2 opponents get split up, make sure to get between them and rotate them fears on whoever needs to be CC'd...

    Honestly though, it won't get you too far as Warriors are basicly immune to fear with Death Wish, Berzerker Rage and Trinkets, not to mention Rogues with Cloak of Shadows, Trinket (and the uncanny amount of UNDEAD rogues/warriors too) so you will time after time notice the weakness of priests... A lack of escape against melee, no way to cleanse hunter poisons, and inefficient single target heals and a recently nerfed mana burn.......

    Just roll 2 druids, both resto and bore your opponents to death as you pillar hump with hots as a bear till they either DC or gouge thier own eyes out!

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Just roll 2 druids, both resto and bore your opponents to death as you pillar hump with hots as a bear till they either DC or gouge thier own eyes out!
    don't do that to the world please its a crime >.<
    we lost one game yesterday playing warr mage restodruid (our druid is full green with 7k health & mana)
    when we went down it was a restodruid & hunter vs our restodruid.
    It took them 3 extra minutes to take him down lol

    as for rest on topic:
    maybe you can get some advise on www.shadowpriest.com,
    things are worked out great in there, for instance that improved shield isn't really worth it so go for silent resolve etc...

    Imo if you're sticking with 2 priests both go into the disc tree for imp mana burn.
    You won't want a shadowform in arena with a healing priest
    My Rogue
    altoholic since 2000 (Diablo II release)

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Viability of a priest in 2v2 and somewhat 3v3 is tied to the ability of your partners in being able to A) lock a target down or B) keep the opposing team occupied. As was said, getting out of a melee situation is fairly hard with a priest. So if you have two squishies, they will just focus on first priest then on second. SP will usually go down first because the opposing team is sure the priest won't have reflective shield, which makes the priest somewhat easier to take down. Shadowform, PW:S and IF don't mean much if you got a decently geared melee swinging at you.

    Problem is that most tools that make priests (and even more shadow priests) good in larger settings (group, raid, PvE, 5v5) are much less effective in a 2v2 setting. VT is a little too long to cast for benefits in 2v2, VE has minimal returns, manaburn could be useless if you face a team that obviously has no mana (inc. druids), etc.

    2 priests could probably do well against another team of 2 priests (!), 2 mages, maybe 2 warlocks if the priests are really good and the warlocks aren't, but that's about it, imo. Anything that comes right at you is gonna mop the floor with you.

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Nahima
    I love being a priest, even if it has its downsides. Granted, I'm one of those, "You can't kill me" disc priests everyone hates, but still. BG healing is awesome when you try and see just how many people you can tank before they kill you. xD
    That's the kind of priest I envy seeing in battlegrounds. Sure on my druid I have tons of survivability and can run away from lots of things...but it's just a different type of staying alive (note, I'm not replacing my druid with this priest by any means, I just want to have both). I was in a wsg today with a full S3 priest who could run the flag without taking a point of dmg. That's what I want my priest to be like :P

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I now see more of the weaknesses priests have, but also it gives me time to think of ways to work around them. If the 2v2 doesn't work out, we can find other partners for 2v's or even make a 3v3. It's still going to be fun.

    Of course more comments are welcome

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Arena as shadow usualy consists of *LOL a shadow priest * from the opposing team. As you walk in and die in under 5 seconds.
    nope, my spriest friend who's with a warlock got to 2285 rating, now 2215... !
    *in 2v2
    Zukias (Main) (70 mage - Al'Akir) http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Al%27Akir&n=Zukias

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    I am a shadowpriest with 2 glad 2 veng and all the honour items except the old ring (I use MH rep one). With 11k and a bit health I still drop so fast against some dps it is tragic. I have played with a warlock and with a rogue in 2v2, never with any success. We sit around 1500 winnning a bit and then meeting a warr druid/warr pally combo which rapes us. We also lose if my partner fails to deal with a rogue on me. Seriously. I believe their are skilled rogues who could beat me with 2 veng weapons, insignia and otherwise naked. Undead especially.

    Mmm.... trinket kidney shot, fear, get 2 crippled paces away and DoT whilst they trinket/Wotf then get beat on some more, shielding when poss, they'll pop CoS when my fear is back up, I probably die before the fear is available again. I exaggerate somewhat, but rogues rape me with ease - I only ever beat bad players or with a lucky blackout.

    I know Disc priests are a lot of fun and very effective, and even in my shadow PvP gear I can hold a tower in AV against 2-3 for an annoyingly long time with PoM renews shields fears up until the point I go oom. I think if I could switch my gear in for healing I would, even swallowing the weekly respecc costs. I simply do not see how 2 priests would win against the over popular warrior druid combo for example. No damage to speak of, warrior will take no damage, druid has to use sod all mana to keep warr at max health and you will go oom and die.

    If you wished to try Shadow in 3's I would suggest Sp Sp + lock/mage/rogue though lock would probably be my preferred. UA or you'll all just get dispelled. It would likely be a fair bit of fun. Diminishing returns on fear would quickly hurt though (yay it resets when a druid shifts)

    2 disc priests could probably team with a DPS (rogue?) - 2 mana burns would be fairly painful to caster teams and specifically opposing healers should be disabled pretty well.

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    your warlock friend sucks, he must class defending you as one of his main jobs
    Zukias (Main) (70 mage - Al'Akir) http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Al%27Akir&n=Zukias

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    I stopped playing with the lock about 4 months ago, but you could be correct. The rogue I am with now can be forgetful about keeping people off my back, though he has less tools in my opinion.

    Our biggest issue is the resto druid, Never manage to out DPS the heals, and usually chain CC'ing will get the opponant DPS to about 10% before the druid gets free and then NS = win. Currently as soon as we get warr to 70% We will try to chain blind/my silence/arcane torrent/fear. But it is tough to get in range for my fear and torrent if the druid is good.

    I think we need to work on LoS more, I am not very good at using it consciously.

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    Good thread guys, I think anyone with a priest will always come into a thread with priest in the title. I to am one of those "you cant kill me" disc priests.

    I think that this team would be heaps and heaps of fun, even as disc shadow. but all to right about being double squishie, if your not out for a 2k rating that enjoy.

    I currently play 2's and 3's with my brother and RL mate. we are disc priest, 2 rogues and a lock. we tend to do pretty well and most losses are more than likely our fault(to lazy to use vent).

    Ive found that with these teams, in all combinations as long as we have the CC organised, one running of another, then we have been able to beat ALL teams. Granted only 1600 atm!

    still got a while til 70, so you might want to try your talent combo's while your leveling so you can really notice each change.

    let us know how you go, also have a look at

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    Re: 2 Priest 2v2, Talent questions

    only got 1 thing to say really, roll dwarf while u can.


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