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    MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    Hi There!

    iam playing in 2v2 with my hunter, got a dru partner, who is really good i think. I think i can say ive got some pvp experience, i only pvp-ing since a year almost. My druid partner seems really good, both of us have mostly vengeful sets (i only have s1 wep:S from honor).

    Our best rating we could get was a little above 1850 rating, but we didnt manage to keep it. I think i know almost everything about hunters, first used BM talents (which is the best outside of the arena, in "1v1" i think) and i thought MM cant be better. After a couple try realized that this team power is really in draining, so i specced like i should be,=> MM (11/41/9)

    We could won some serious battle against overgeared teams, but usually we are around 1770-1820:S
    I read every post i could on forums, analyzie tactics against different teams, still cant raise our rating.

    We dont use teamspeak, or skype. Sometimes i just say sh*t in myself, when i try to nuke down the enemy who is on the dru, but my partner running away from me, not towards..:S...so this is my first question...should we use teamspeak, or i just need to find another guy with i wont have misunderstanding?

    2: In the battle against 2 dps is easy, survive the first 30sec is the main goal, after this we usually win. Against 1 healer+1 dps teams after some mins i usually run out of mana, and from this point ive got really hard situation to kill somebody. The most frustrating is that from this time all of my trinkets are ready again, so i could do some nice dps again, but without mana its impossible, not to mention line of sight:S So how do u other hunters solve this problem? Or am I the only one who feel like this?:S (got 6672mana, 92 spirit...should i get more mana, or mana regen??

    3. positioning.:S as a range dps i think this is one of the most important question. You, whos got better ratings then 1850 can give me some useful tips how to pos?

    4. pet. There was a time when scorpid was the real pvp beast. After scorpid is nerfed id like to hear your opinion which is the best pet, or which is better? Scorpid, or cat? Against some druid teams i used to had the same situation, that dru in cat form simple run away from me, my pet can hardly follow him (my cat has every speed boosting i cat can get)=> and the druid was rehealed himself:S

    thank you guys for your help, and sorry about my english:P



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    Re: MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    communication is the most needed thing to succed in the arena, so get a ventrillo or a teamspeak server!

    if you hit the 1850 rating, get first the bow, afterwards two swords of something and enchant on them 30INT each, its a huge mana regen from aspect of the viper.

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    Re: MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    2. yes more mana regen is needed, using viper when you hit 35-40% isnt a horrible idea, remember you are an outlast team, rank 1 aimshot is your friend
    3.you need to drain the hell out of anything with mana period
    4. scorpid hands down, the posion the scorpid applies eats cleanse and abolish posion and since you are imp stings it makes your viper sting a pain in the ass to get rid of

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    Re: MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    Thank You All guys, who wrote....Things i learned from your posts:

    1. get dualwield....i was on it, waiting for s4 to come, then i can buy s2 for honor. I will put +30 int on them
    2. this was the most important for me:" use aspect of viper through whole fight + not to try to nuke healer at the beginning, when he is full mana", so with drain team i should be ready for long fights. (My tactic was 'till to nuke healer as i could, then when mana is around 30-40% like infogiver said, changed to viper aspect, and continue)

    Ive just seen a hunter on armory, whos got 2400+ rating, and have a priest partner. But he is Survival specced!, and - as i know priests - hes priest partner didnt have really really good pvp gear (maybe hes got a pvp set too:S), but what do you think, survival spec is worth a try??

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    Re: MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    Survival is fun, to be honest; so long as you have some points in MM to get down to Stings etc, Survival is a nice build; it makes Crowd Control easier (Counterattack, Improvements to Wing Clip and Traps, Wyvern Sting) and you can easily leave out Readiness (41-point power) so you can keep Scatter Shot and be 21/40.

    This would give you a bunch of extra health, the extra CC, extra 15% (iirc) chance to avoid movement impairing effects, 3% more crit on top of the 5% from MM, 15% extra Agility, and Expose Weakness which is essentially Trueshot Aura but reapllied (and should give more of a boost if you have good Agility) There's also a 3-point talent which gives you 100% chance to regain 40% of the mana of any critical hit - which would be good if you have mana issues since it effectively refunds 10% of your mana (if you have 30% crit or so, which frankly you probably should given the extra Agi from SV, the 8% extra crit from MM and SV, and that sortof PvP gear)

    I know I'm in the minority when it comes to liking Survival for the arena; but as far as I'm concerned the main bonuses from Marksmanship are better stings, Scatter Shot, Trueshot Aura and Silencing Shot. You can keep the first two, Trueshot Aura is easily replaced with Expose Weakness, and fair enough Silencing Shot is a loss but you do have a lot more soft CC and Wyvern Sting. There's also the generic "give extra damage" talents but SV just has different versions of them.

    As for pets, I switch between a Scorpid or a Ravager depending on my mood. Scorpids are good for all the reasons stated above, but there poison does break Wyvern Sting at times which can be a pain; so if it starts to get on my nerves I'll grab a Ravager for a while. The main important thing is to take Go For the Throat (regenerates 50 focus on every Critical Hit) - this allows the pet to do ridiculous amounts of damage because they can keep using all their abilities constantly.

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    Re: MM hunter - what do i wrong in arena?

    The most important thing in arena is communication. If you 2 aren't communicating and telling eachother what is going on you will never get your rating up.

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