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    3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    Can anyone please kindly give me tips on how to utilize the strength of this team?
    We have problems against RMP and War/Ret/RestoDruid but other than that, any other general guideline and strategies would be helpful. Thank you for taking time to reply.

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally


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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    Well, what do those teams do to beat you?

    Part of formulating a strategy is knowing the generic things the other set ups are going to do to you, being prepared for it, and ready to counter it.

    General ideas for vs RMP;

    If the priest is going to mana burn you, while the rogue and mage CC your team mates, then you need to corner hump and kite. Your dps is probably going to have to pressure the priest in SOME way, so she's healing and not manaburning. Because there's a rogue and you have a warrior, I would say nuke the rogue. Because you have a lock on the team DO NOT DOT EVERYTHING. A priest on the other team will smile if your team dots everything, because you're just helping prayer of mending keep bouncing. (I do it all the time in 2s. My priest/warrior team vs warlock/healer, we'll win pretty easily if the lock is dumb enough to dot us both up. Not only is my warrior partner getting rage, but I just have to cast POM and piller hump while we dps the lock and wait for the healer to come out so I can mana burn.) Then with the mage, you get sheeped three times, then you're immune for a while. If your lock can work fast, try and keep him fear locked while you're nuking the rogue. That forces the priest to heal the rogue. You can also decide on the fly where the fel hunter is going. You can keep it on the priest to spell lock her every so often, or have it humping the rogue to take off renews, POMs, and pain suppression.

    Now, if the rogue is in good gear, but the priest isn't... go after the priest. Warrior should be using piercing howl to keep her nearby, trinket out of kidney shot to keep chasing her down, you need to give him blessing of freedom to counteract crippling poison so he can chase the priest and keep her from healing. Life and mana drain from the lock, while keeping the mage feared, etc etc.

    General ideas vs Ret/War/Druid;

    You need to survive the burst. Trinket out of stuns, the pally will do more damage. You have a bonus here, ret pally and warrior dmg is physical. When you know their nuke target, BoP them! Totally screws them over. Most ret paladins are ret/prot builds so their hammer will be up really fast (especially with the set bonus). Mana drain the ret pally. No mana, no damage. DON'T damage him though! When pallies get healed, as you know since you are one, they get mana. You're working against a druid who'll just hot him up and he'll have his mana back. Drain the sucker and don't hurt him. Fel hunter should be following the druid around. When the druid comes out to play, you need to go chase him down. Judgement of justice, dot him up, piercing howl, MS, hamstring spam. Take him out. You can bubble yourself and BoP your teammates if you need to. Their warrior will be rage starved since you aren't hitting him, and you drained the pally so he's useless. Just keep after the druid, they aren't invincible.

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    Thanks alot! I'm gonna tell my mates about it and try this out! Thanks!

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    Nahima, the tactics you gave vs ret pala, warrior + druid doesn't really work out imo..

    i play this combo and teams with a lock are normally pretty easy, the trick is to let the warrior go on the lock and the paladin focus on the felhunter to take that out. after the pets are down the lock is an easy target for the 2 melee's..

    Also mana draining the paladin doesnt really work out good when he also has a warrior on him the whole time,

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    I used to play ret/war/shaman, and I just know we were screwed when I was rage starved and the paladin was out of mana. Granted, that only really happened vs teams where they survived our burst at the beginning. (Best idea is to build up the rage, wait for it, call out over vent for a hammer, swing heroic, MS at the same time as crusader strike and command judgement...)

    But there'd been a bunch of views and nobody was giving the poor guy any ideas, so decided to give him something that would be feasible. Tell the guy how he could beat your team if I didn't do a good job!

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    Sounds abit harch maybe, but if 'we' play it correct they simply can't
    they lack the CC and the burst damage to take us down.

    only advice i can give you is let you're lock use a Voidwalker and let you're paladin watch out for the voids hp very close aswell

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    I thought the standard strategy again RMP would be to focus the mage and CC the priest. A mage that gets focused puts out very little dps and can't set up shatter combos as easily.

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    Re: 3v3 Warrior/SLSLlock/HolyPally

    The problem with their set up on focusing the mage over the rogue is the rogue will probably be locking the warlock down so he won't be able to fear the priest, which means the paladin is going to get mana burned, or the priest is going to have free range to heal. SL/SL locks don't do the kind of burst damage that's going to freak a priest out to heal the mage, and the mage can just ice block. (Not to mention, rooting or blinking away from a warrior is pretty easy because I've never seen an RPM that doesn't have a frost specced mage. His nova, pet nova, blink, CoC, poly, etc.)

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