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    Re: Post Your UI

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia

    It's pretty, but I need some ideas for new minimap texture, and position of the buttons. I'm having some issues with lack of information.

    Basicly, what needs to be available is a Omen, BigWigs and Recount toggle switch , repair information, and ClosetGnome selector.

    I'm thinking about installing StatBlockCore again, but not sure on the positions.
    Suggestions are warmly welcome!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ballongbuse
    ...About the minimap, you could use the same borders you use for your unit frames and make it square (imo) to fit the rest of your UI. I agree with you when you way it's very pretty, but to me the circular minimap doesn't fit with Grid/UFs/buttons, but that's just me..
    I agree with Ballongbuse's comment about the minimap. A square minimap would fit very nicely! As far as StatBlock goes, I think you could put some of the blocks ontop of your minimap, like Metz does. I put my latency, clock, and FPS over the minimap and it works fairly well. As far as money, inventory, or other blocks go, I might try raising the action bars up a little bit and putting the extra blocks in a line underneath, although ultimately obviously the choice is up to you!

    I'm using your UI at the moment and am loving it. I ended up making my minimap square and making a kgPanel to go behind it, though, because since discovering chinchilla/simple minimap, round maps have not been my thing at all.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    [click to make larger]

    As a healer I am usually starring at Grid but when I want to see the fight I wanna see it all!

    I wanted to see my important cooldowns as the forefront. I know all my keybindings by heart and decided to hide all the action bars (using Bartender).

    Addons are Quartz, Grid, Pitbull and Prat (not shown: Recount/Omen).

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    Re: Post Your UI

    I updated my UI a bit.
    Would love some feedback and some tips on how i can improve it some more.
    Anyway i dont think most of the addons will work with WotLK. So we need to remake our UI from start

    This takes so much time ..... >

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    Re: Post Your UI

    After a little help from Kwi, and some lua hacking for a stupid Pitbull bug, here's an update on the deathknight UI, showing player/target/pet/focus.

    Casting (bad sky shot)

    Addon List
    I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    attillicus, what is the inventory mod you are using?

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Added my addon list, sorry to forget it.

    The bag mod is Baud Bag, with custom buttons and dialog background, using the solid skin it comes with.
    I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.

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