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    Re: Plz remove GW from talent tree!

    Quote Originally Posted by victorie
    I think its very well placed in the enhancment tree. Elemental and resto dont need to be on someones back to damage or heal. Enhancement dps is great, but 1 slowing poison or whatever gets your dps down to 1 shock every 6 seconds or something. Enhancement realy some anti slowing stuff and we got it now. Its already possible to frostshock kite some1 as elemantal spec, they shouldnt make it even easier
    Heres the winning argument, now shoo.

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    Re: Plz remove GW from talent tree!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raza
    Hello i play a shamen and i am very pleased with the new change in ghost wolf but im very disapointed in that you have to spec into newbhance spec to get the instant cast. Personaly i am a pvper and play only 5s :'( (cuz im elemental spec) run 2345 at a 2100'ish rateing and everytime we see a euro comp they lock me up and I wish I had GW. I think it should be a buff to shamen that all specs could use, kinda like how they gave all mages ice block. Ice block and GW arent that OP of an ability and if it were to be removed from talent tree i think everyone would look at it and say "Hey why didnt we have this earlier."

    In all the change wouldn't be bad or inbalenced in anyway i dont think it would just be another skill we get from the trainer. So shamen would be able to kite basicly instead of rediclous lock down and in the end of a 4 min 5s game i do less then 10k dmg......

    What are anyone elses thoughts on this ability

    It is 7 points and the increased mana will help you alot! Go cry some more please when you have no useful skills in the bottom tiers of your trees. Or look at a druid's pvp spec being like 11/7/4?

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