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    Key Binds

    I've been pretty serious about arena lately and sometimes I find myself clicking on macros and spells when I know I shouldn't.

    I play a Holy Paly (Ret next season). Could anyone give me some advice on which spells I should key bind keys to?
    Or put yours as an example? Would be great! Thanks in advance

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    Re: Key Binds

    just bind the ones you use most, and put them close to your movement keys (ASDW most of the time)
    Zukias (Main) (70 mage - Al'Akir)

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    Re: Key Binds

    Hint: if you use ESDF or even RDFG as movement keys, you have lots of extra keys to press

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    Re: Key Binds

    Quote Originally Posted by Olison
    Hint: if you use ESDF or even RDFG as movement keys, you have lots of extra keys to press
    Pure genius, I really overlooked that as an option.


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    Re: Key Binds

    I play with QSDZ (europe ;-)) and use shift and a 5-button mouse.

    though i still feel i'm a few keybinds short it's enough to fill a little over 2 full bars ontop of my stance bar.

    I've considered moving to DSFR but I don't like the smaller button compared to the shift button.

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    Re: Key Binds

    Its simple, figure out what moves you commonly use most, and position them nearer to your movement keys
    Or do a Swifty and buy a Mouse that has 8 buttons so he registers each one to a key bind so he doesnt ever press on the AB, only uses his 8 button mouse and his keyboard

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    Re: Key Binds

    I move with the mouse by pressing the left and the right button. The laterals buttons are for strafing.
    So I have all the keys of my keyboard free. I use 1-6, A Z E R ,
    Q S D F G
    X V and ctrl + various keys.

    I've been playing like that for around 1 year and I don't even know how I can switch to movement keys on the keyboard.

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    Re: Key Binds

    Hint: if you use ESDF or even RDFG as movement keys, you have lots of extra keys to press
    True in theory, however if you're going for a quick fix as to what you want binded this isn't really an amazing option because it requires rebinding of some keys.

    What I can offer advice wise from paladin keybind point of veiw is, if you haven't already download clique and grid.
    This basically means you can bind a healing macro such as:
    "/Cast Divine favour
    /Cast [target=mouseover] Holy Light (RankX)" to a Shift+Click on a mouseover of grid.
    (Obviously the macro can be whatever you want it to be this was just an example)

    What this ends up meaning is you can remove alot of the skills from needing a keybinding because you can have them as a click.
    The way I do it is;
    Shift+ RightClick = Flask of Light macro.
    Shift+ LeftClick = Holy Light macro.
    Crtl+ RightClick = Blessing of Freedom.
    Ctrl+ LeftClick = Blessing of Protection.
    Shift+ MiddleClick = Cleanse.

    Obviously you're free to bind it the way you want but that this basically means is just from the use of two mods you've already binded most of the important skills to very very simple to use bindings.
    All that is left to do after this is bind HoJ, Racial, Judement, HoW, and important seals (eg. Justice)
    These can be easily done through 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, and you will still have extra keybinds such as Q and F etc etc available for any personnal use you want.

    The rest as a paladin can be easily handled through pallypower.

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    Re: Key Binds

    Get a gamepad.

    I personally recommend the Nostromo N52 speedpad (somewhat hard to find now, but still available, and they are bringing out a new version of it shortly).

    Ignore the $99 one, thats just stupidly expensive, should be 20-40 bucks depending.

    Also get a multi button mouse (i suggest a logitech, very very dependable),en

    That mouse has fully customizable buttons, 5 of which are at your thumb. the "bumper" on the lower thumb part just bumps forward or back and also presses in. So using those alone you can bind 15 spells to your thumb using ctrl and shift, or use the modifier macros with ctrl and shift to get the same result.

    Personally i have both of those, and rarely ever touch the keyboard when playing any game (unless its to chat or open a certain window). I know its not for everyone, and it takes a little to get used to the gamepad, but once you do you wont want to go back.

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