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    Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    Hunters are like... Warcraft 3 peons...

    In non PvP usefull as nine hells

    In PvP piece of crap, thats how blizzard made us, nerfed in each patch to fit the '43.0% 50.2% 43.0% ' and lots more, added mana regen nerfs, viper sting nerf, auto shot bugg... But still we can win if skilled, just like peons can win w3 match with tower rush. This is fuckin sad

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    Re: Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    except in w3 tower rush took absolutely no skill

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    Re: Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    Hey Devon, thanks for your nice post... You might want to consider that the highest arena rated player is a hunter, and that Druid - Hunter is one of the most powerful setups in this season. If you don't believe me, go watch some movies of infinity and Cherez, in my topic, you left a reply about the trap thing, its is pretty hard to get out of a frost trap with entrapment, and if you just put it when the bear is at like 70-60% he cant run, out before he needs to heal...
    You overseeing that makes it clear that its not blizzard who is doing something wrong with building the hunter class, its you not using your abilities well.. wile other players do.. ever thought about that?
    Secondly, I came here with problems with my class too, and I just opened a topic and asked for help politely. I got help from some kind players. Then a few hours after, you show up, complaining in two different topics not asking for advise at all.. I got help your still a frustrated naab, gl with with your game


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    Re: Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    aha ok grow up and come back again next year

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    Re: Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    Right, I am the one that needs growing up to do, here I was thinking I had the most Normal Post

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    Re: Hunters - w3 peons !!!

    Job's done!

    Ready to work!

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