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    3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    I've played with a bunch of different setups, my current one consists of Restosham/Holypala/Meh. What im looking for is a general walkthrough of the fights with this setup, spec suggesting would be nice too (Got s2 sword and Skillherald in stock).

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    Re: 3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    If anyone has any experience with Elesham/Holypala/Warr, theyre welcome to post tacs too.

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    Re: 3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    uhm, well, what are your problems thus far?

    also, go s2 sword. with wf, it's great.

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    Re: 3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    Basically RMP / Anything with a dr00d

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    Re: 3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    RMP has a pretty good chance of fucking you up regardless of what strategy you use, they can switch between 2dps/1 healer and 3 dps at will, and the two healers you choose are really weak to CC. You can beat them, but only if you outright outplay them. With your setup, I'd go for the mage to stop poly & hope for WF & freedom to let you pressure them onto the defensive early. Your healers will have to be good at LoSing mana burns.

    Druid teams, always focus on the druid. If you hump the druid constantly, the amount of pressure it simultaneously puts on them and relieves from your healer is huge, not having the druid CC'ing will win you most druid games. With freedom, you should have zero problems staying on the druid unless their dps focuses on peeling you, in which case they're not bothering your healers, so win-win. Also, remind (IF HE DOESN'T RAGE) your shaman he does have a spell interrupt (earth shock) for the druid and can grounding absorb cyclones.

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    Re: 3v3 as a Warrior ;0

    Quote Originally Posted by Kexmeister
    If anyone has any experience with Elesham/Holypala/Warr, theyre welcome to post tacs too.
    Me and my rl friends are playing that setup, we reached 1850 the first evening and almost 2k the day after.
    We try nuking their healers, if they got a resto druid I put judgement of justice on him. Warrior starts hugging the bear while shammy gets in range, pops bloodlust and oneshot.
    We've met RPM's, we go like 50/50 win/loss against them depending on how skilled they are. Against RPM we usually aim for the mage.

    As a paladin I always try to keep BoSacrifice up on the shaman, it helps against rogue teams because they almost always attacks him + it breaks polymorph/sap.

    Search on Warcraftmovies.com for movies. Try searching after Zamn (warrior POV) and Replayed (paladin POV, falafelz team).

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