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    Combat Announce addon?

    I'm looking for a mod that lets me specify certain strings of text for it to search in my combat log and to announce it to raid or party or whatever.

    For example, if I specify a string:
    "gains Water Shield"
    the mod will announce something every time "gains Water Shield" is found in the combat log.

    I've tried some addons that are supposedly able to do this, such as CombatAnnounce and CombatAlert, but none of them seem to work with the changes to combat logs.

    Does anyone know of any other addons that would work? Or any feedback as to how I would approach this would be helpful.

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    Re: Combat Announce addon?

    DoTimer does this, I have it set up to announce when my saps break on my rogue.

    Should be able to do the same thing whenever MSBT gets updated with the rewritten custom triggers portion (unless it's already been updated, haven't checked in the last two weeks).

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