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    [Pitbull] Doubt about auras

    I'm having a problem while trying to configure Pitbull auras.

    I already saw in some screenshots that the debuffs applyed in the target have a bigger size if they're applied by me, but I just can't find the option to do it.

    Maybe it's not Pitbull or am I just missing something?


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    Re: [Pitbull] Doubt about auras


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    Re: [Pitbull] Doubt about auras

    i don't beleive pitbull has that option. i know that xperl does.

    you can set pitbull up to only show your buff/debuffs on a target. only seems useful if you cant dispel.

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    Re: [Pitbull] Doubt about auras

    As beanchild mentioned, this functionality is not available in pitbull. It'd require such a significant rewrite at of the aura module that we're unlikely to see it for a while (if ever) from what I've read. The screenshots you've seen were probably people using Xperl.

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