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    Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Simple Rules:
    • Post only smaller thumbnails, the provided hosting sites allow an auto resize to that option, or generate one for you.
    • Don't quote massive images. replace them by [image] or something. People can click on the quote link to go to the original post and see the actual image.
    • Don't post threads about what you'd like Blizzard to add to the stock UI. There is a suggestions forum over at the official forums for that.
    • GearScore threads are not encouraged. No good ever comes of them, please do not make them.

    Websites to host images:

    Websites to host files/UI compilation:

    Post your UI threads
    Healers - Healers post your UI
    All other - Post your UI

    UI Related Questions
    UI Related Questions

    Properly linking images.

    Please follow the rules or your post will disappear. Don't forget our global forum rules!
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