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    SCT Help?


    Im currently using Hal's UI,Everytime I log in I go to Interface>Combat Text and my Show Damage/healing is allways turned off,I turn it on,but when I close my game and start it again it is turned off.

    Does anyone kno a command to add both of these to my config? Thanks

    Im also useing Mik's SBT but I want to see the Regular Blizzard Damage/healing next to the target.

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    Re: SCT Help?

    in your scrolling combat text mod, which on hals is parrot (/parrot) or Miks Scrolling battle text (/msbt) if i remember correctly, in both there is an option for "Game Damage" or "Game Healing" if they are checked it will make the ingame scrolling combat text to turn on every time.
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