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    Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    Ok, I've read the macro system on the WoW forums, and yet, I still dont get it.

    But more on that later.

    From UI/Mods - how do I make my screen look clean and nice with mods.

    I dont want to use the default bizzard UI. Yet anytime I try it, I either dont know what I looking for or when I get them and try to make it look pretty, it because a complete mess.

    Whats worse is that, everytime I touch or attack anything with UI mods on I get error marks on my screen, and that grinds my gears.

    Can anyone, anyone with knowledge of UI/mods plz help me with this. Clearly I suck hardcore at this.

    Another thing I suck hardcore at is Macros.

    I know the basic of it, but how do you guys mixed it in with your UI? In other words, how do you use it without clicking on it? Im trying to learn how to play this game without clicking all the time. (Yes I admit, im a clicker. And really good at it, I may add) but I just want to try the no clicking method and try something new.

    But.....That's where I get lost at. What buttons do I use or does it even matter? How do I do it?

    I need me some learning - (bad english, I know, its suppose to be this way, just take my word for it ;D).

    I got my paper and pen ready, now learn me something.

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    Is there anyone who can help out?

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    I'm not sure what you're after but I guess it's binding macros to keystrokes?
    http://www.wowwiki.com/HOWTO:_Make_a_Macro Explains somewhat good about macros.

    And to bind the macro to a key just drag the macro icon you chose to a free slot in one of your bars.
    After that it's just to rebind the button on your bar to any key you want.

    For a good bar-mod I would suggest Bartender3 (http://files.wowace.com/Bartender3/)

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    Its hard to give good addon advice when you've not asked for any specific function. Rule of thumb though, if you're just getting into UI modification just install a single addon at a time, and try to make sure you're only downloading addons that have been updated to work correctly with the most recent version of WoW. This should minimize the number of errors you're getting. If you'd like suggestions of good mods for specific tasks (unit frames, stat display, etc) let us know what you're looking for.

    As far as macros go, you typically use a macro to perform a sequence of tasks, or to decide how to use a particular spell based on some conditions. For more information on creating macros check out the link Morwen gave ya. If all you currently want to do is have your spells bound to keys other than the 1,2,3,4,etc keys then you can either change the bindings for the default action bar slots in the key bindings menu and throw your spells in those specific slots, or use a mod to provide key bindings directly to spells/macros... and I definitely recommend the latter.

    BindPad is great for binding spells directly to hotkeys as it's incredibly easy to use - /bp to open the gui, drag a spell or macro into an empty slot, click that slot and assign your hotkey, done. If you're interested in having some of your spells be castable by click when your mouse is hovering over some of your unit frames Clique is probably the easiest to use of the mods that provide this function.

    Hopefully that gives you a start?

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    Thanks for the help and I know, i just come out the blue with the questions.

    Im looking for unit frames. The UI that show your picture moving, the one where it shaows how broken you are, the one whereyou have that black bar on the bottom and then you place all your info into it ( that one is badass). I think what i need to learn how to do is how to set up them on my screen.

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    No clue which Unitframes you mean, but here is what I recommend:
    Unitframes - PitBull (most customizeable Unitframes so far, complicated to learn but lots of features)
    Raidframes - Grid (really nice for dispell/decurse etc and highly customizeable as well)
    Bar Mod - Bartender3 (fast and easy)
    Mini Map - Chinchilla/Simpleminimap (doesn't matter, u usually don't need much features for your minimap, they all have a square look)
    Buffmod - Buffalo or ElkanosBuffBars (depends if you like the Icon Style or Bar Style)

    and of Course eepanels2 (no clue how far developement on kgpanels is) for the optical sugar...
    align is an addon that helps with aligning stuff ;p

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    Re: Learning UI's/Mods/Macros

    dont forget fubar and it's many plugins to clean up the minimap and show all your info on 1 bar

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