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    PVP UI

    Hello im looking for a nice and clean pvp/arena UI so please post your PVP UI here!

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    Re: PVP UI

    take a look at the thread "Post your ui" there are lot and lots of UI's you can try or you can get an afflatus of.

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    Re: PVP UI

    well thats just PVE ui :P

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    Re: PVP UI

    O'rly? think many of us uses the same UI for both... and there are PvP people aswell that has posted their UI in post your UI...

    i use the same UI for both PvE and PvP and for a pure pvp UI u just disable boss mods/raid mods.. and enable proximo or whatever your using for enemies in Arena... there you go a pvp UI!
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    Re: PVP UI

    Replace Omen and Recount with Proximo and BOOYAKASHA. There's ya PvP Interface.
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