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    Death Monitor?

    So where currently on Felmyst wiping for a 2 weeks now almost and ppl are still dying from encapsulate and some patches ago recount had the awesome death log...wich got messed up when they gave us the new combatlog.

    We tried grim reaper but dear god... it scrolls back everytime someone gets a new addition in their log :'( and
    generally its just not a very clear addon to check things up quickly between wipes.

    What addon is best to use for checking someones combatlog before they died?

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    I remembered that (~)Omnisence which is a module of OpenRDX ( ) had something like that.
    Your whole raid needs it installed though, and it's quite memory consuming (probably because it's purpose is SO much more than just a shared combatlog)
    I must admin though that i never tried that as my guild doesn't use RDX.

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    what is your problem with grimreaper besides the raid spam if you so choose?

    works fine for me - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    Check out Expiration from

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    I may be a little geek, but I usually just do a quick WWS upload and split my combatlog each time (it's not that hard to do if you use VIM instead of notepad *g*)...

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    Let me just give you a quick information about the CombatLog and addons like Recount:

    When patch 2.4 was deployed the CL no longer states the "UNIT_DEATH" event making it impossible to track via the CL if and when somebody has died. Having that in mind it is simply not possible for addons like Recount to show you a death log. What Recount still is able to do, is show to you the "Damage Taken" of a player. That way you still might be able to figure out the cause of death.

    So, what am i trying to say?

    Don't blame Recount or any other addon for this. They are still great and will be even better when patch 2.4.2 hits and the CL bug will be fixed. Blame blizzard and blame your raid members for not being honest about how they died, because if they were you wouldn't need an addon to tell it to you.
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    Re: Death Monitor?

    Adding to the topic, is there an addon that provides the following features:

    showing nothing when everybody is alive, and as soon as somebody dies a clickable area appears with which you can target the dead person

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    Thanks for the responses, tried Expiration but it only showed what last hit them so that was fairly useless, as we want to know if that person got any heals or used any pots/hs. Or got a debuff he wasnt supposed to get

    Aaah and about Grim Reaper, it keeps scrolling down when someone gets buffed or takes falling dmg etc, so u cant really browse death logs without scrolling up the list all the time. It gets insanly frustrating after a few hundred wipes :P

    So i guess whe'll wait till patch 2.4.2, thanks alot of for ur explaination Venara helped alot.

    It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

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    Re: Death Monitor?

    let everyone install Eavesdrop and tell them to copy last entries..


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