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    Getting battlegrounds minimap button to appear

    I used to use an addon (battlegroundFu, i believe) which removed the default battlegrounds/arena queue button from the minimap. Since then, I have removed the addon, but I'm unable to get the default button on the minimap to appear. Anyone knows of a solution to this? In addition, is there a slashcommand to leave an arena?

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    Re: Getting battlegrounds minimap button to appear

    I'm not sure what method battlegroundFu may have used to remove the button - its strange that it would remain permanently hidden after removing the addon if this was the only addon affecting that frame. If you're using any type of minimap addon with options for showing/hiding buttons it may have inherited the hidden state and tried to preserve it for you? I'd have a look in any such addon's option in case there's an available route to turn it back on there.

    Having said that, if the frame for the button is simply hidden then this should cause it to reappear, at least temporarily:

    /script MiniMapBattlefieldFrame:Show()

    And for a slash command to leave an arena, I've not tested it but from the wow API i'm guessing this would work:

    /script LeaveBattlefield()

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    Re: Getting battlegrounds minimap button to appear

    with most fubar mods they usually have an "attach to minimap" option in the settings, so my guess is if you re-enable the mod and find that setting it should reattach the icon to the minimap

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    Re: Getting battlegrounds minimap button to appear


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