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    Solo farming BT trash

    Hi there,

    my guild finally downed RoS, so I thought I'd give the solo trash farming vids and guides a try. I found mostly the one video where a shadow priest dots one of the bloodelves from the AE packs on the way to Mother, runs almost till the exit and then jump-bugs the others away. I couldnt jump on the spot he did, though I still tried as I could also run out of the instance. The problem I encountered was, that the mobs were waaaay faster then in the video and were throwing some shit at me wich killed me a few seconds after the pull.
    Did they change there something or am I just doing something wrong?

    Anything else I could solo in BT? We usually clear till akama and guess won't kill mother this ID. So open for suggestions

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    Re: Solo farming BT trash

    You are 2 patch too late. Farming BT trash stuff wont give you epics anymore.
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    Re: Solo farming BT trash

    The video is old and outdated, the trash has changed a lot since then. From what I hear people that do still want to farm BT trash do so in a team of 2-3.

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    Re: Solo farming BT trash

    Quote Originally Posted by Wildhorn
    You are 2 patch too late. Farming BT trash stuff wont give you epics anymore.
    How did they change this then?

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    Re: Solo farming BT trash

    The only non-patched method I know of requires 5-10 decently geared people, but it allows you to farm forever (no waiting for respawns).

    I've seen the video for the shadow priest one, and yes, it's patched.
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    Re: Solo farming BT trash

    as far as i know hunter still farm them mobs solo. dont know if they drop shit anymore but they did 2 or 3 months ago. hunters just put on speedaura and kite the mobs round the big thing in the middle of the room where the reputationvendor is. they shot at the mobs sometimes always kiting them around till they die. they also do that with the big trashpacks and kite them out of the instance killing one or two on their way. of course again with the speedaura. never did it myself as i aint playing hunter but it worked well for them and might still do.

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