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    ''raid unit frames''

    i'm looking for a addon that's kinda like arena live frames, just for raids, i mean a addon where i can see the whole list of enemies we've pulled and debuffs on those targets, and what marks they have etc.
    like a addon i can use to target the enemies so like i press the moon bar and i polymorph the moon, then i press the skull bar and i dps the skull and i resheep moon and i dps cross etc if you know what i mean?

    if anyone knwos a addon like this please reply to this post


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    Re: ''raid unit frames''

    I guess you are looking for something like xperl, Pitbull, ag_unitframes. For pure raid frames I suggest Grid.
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    Re: ''raid unit frames''

    To be honest, I've never even thought about something like that. It would make sense for soemthing like that to exist though. I'm sure someone fluent in LUA could make a branch off of Arena Live frames that would work in an instance. IN ALF, you mouse over your targets before combat and that pops up your bars. It would be cool to mouse over all the mobs in a certain pull, and then be able to click their frames to target them, or sheep or cyclone as you said. The only problem I forsee in this is that if you have 2 mobs of the same name, it is impossible for the game to distinguuish between them, even if one is marked skull and one is marked star.

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