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    ToT´s castbar. It´s possible?

    Hi everybody:

    First of all, I use Ag_unit frames, and Quartz castbar. As a healer, I usually must have as primary target a party/raid member, and Quartz has no problem showing his castbar, as mine. But I also have the Target of Target frame, it´s usually the boss one, or a mob ( I´m a pally, so my target is usually a tank). Quartz can´t show the ToT´s castbar, and I can´t find any addon who shows . Ag_uf "show castbar" option doesn´t work very well in this frame, and also I want (if possible) to maintain the player and target castbars look

    Any suggestion?? I´ve tried Necb and Antagonist, and they don´t do what I want...

    Thx in advance

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    Re: ToT´s castbar. It´s possible?

    I am using pitbull and i am not sure if there is option to show tot castbar (I think there is)

    anyway try set boss/mob under /Focus and show also focus target on your UI. You should see when your focus casts and also who is your focus targeting (ie Winterchill with frostbolts)

    I personaly use antagonist and classtimer(s) not sure about this addon name but its ace based so wowace.com

    hope it helps

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    Re: ToT´s castbar. It´s possible?

    This is possible through pitbull. I believe all frames have the option to have castbar enabled. I use this for tot for the same reason, as a healer it is very beneficial.
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