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    Re: Getting a Shiny New Interface!

    Yata works very well also, gives both a totem bar and totem timers (+ a option to create "teams" of totems, so i make a totem team called "Healing" whenever i choose this team the first buttons change in the totems i selected for the team in my case that would be WoA, MS, ST and TT.)

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    Re: Getting a Shiny New Interface!

    Super hot... Need a file to erase all my crap addons and the next time i open Wow this setup magically appears

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    Re: Getting a Shiny New Interface!



    Pitbull (Player, target, ToT, ToTT, Party Frames)
    Grid (Raid Frames)
    Quartz (casting bar)
    Bartender3 (action bars)
    EePanels (black bar across the bottom)
    Fubar (to clean up my minimap,hidden)
    Buffalo (buffs)
    Prat (chat mod)
    SharedMedia (Ace2, for extra fonts and textures)
    CyCircled VolM (for the button/buff skin)

    I also use Clique for click casting with my Grid raid frames. For example:
    right click on a person and it Flash Heals, Shift+Right Click is CoH, Cntrl+Right Click is PW:S. I also have a holy paladin so my click casting binds for her are a bit different than my priest.
    Lizzie ; Adahlia
    <Keen Formation> Mal'Ganis

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