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    Rogue PvE spec

    Cant find any other topic like that.
    I can't normal make combat PvE rogue build, can some1 help my with it? :-\

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    i'm only stary PvEing )

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    Quote Originally Posted by GrundleLover
    are you high?


    those specs arent that bad dude lol. might swap a couple points, here and there, but thats about it. he got all the important things, cept maybe switching evis for murder.

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    omg imp evis pve i call that rally noob you should only use evis when you are on adrenaline rush so once every 5 min so why botter putting 3 point talent for that

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    What he meant (despite his poor english and negativity) is that a raiding rogue should never be using eviscerate, unless they are using AR (or at the end of killing a boss).

    rogue's should be spending their points towards slice n dice (keeping this up ALL the time) and using the other points with rupture. If both are up and does not need to be refreshed, then you would use evis (usually only occurs when you have AR up).


    is a better spec.

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    yup i made a lot of typo but i dont care

    best pve spec is still 20/41/0

    using a cycle of slice rupture with adding an evis when the 2 are up

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    Re: Rogue PvE spec

    thx a lot guys
    i'm imba raiding rogue, now

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