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    New progression site

    New progression site has been opened recently: http://www.wowprogress.com
    It contains Sunwell guild rankings, extensive guilds/characters progression history and stats:
    - boss kills
    - items acquired by characters
    - guild members join/leaving
    - talent build change history
    - etc


    Boss kill history:
    2008-03-31 Method defeated Felmyst
    #world: 36 #EU: 21 #realm: 1

    2008-05-02 Delusions of Grandeur defeated Kalecgos
    #world: 1512 #US: 584 #realm: 2

    Item history:
    2008-04-30 Tib <Inner Sanctum> acquired item Grip of Mannoroth
    #world: 27 #EU: 16 #realm: 1

    2008-04-24 Zooki <Nihilum> acquired item Felstrength Legplates
    #world: 222 #EU: 126 #realm: 9

    Guild ranking progression:
    2008-04-16 Glamour Rank Change
    #world: 18 (+15) #EU: 11 (+6)

    Player rotation:
    2008-05-01 Rhari changed guild The Carebears with Nihilum
    2008-04-30 Vorpal changed guild Four Kings with Affliction

    Talent build change history:
    2008-04-19 Nistic changed build from 2/48/11 to 17/0/44
    2008-04-21 Nistic changed build from 17/0/44 to 2/48/11

    There is also some charts, like this (Twin Eredars progression):


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    Re: New progression site

    Bookmarked. Browsed this, looked good at a brief glance, hope to take a closer look at it later

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