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Thread: SoC or MotC?

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    SoC or MotC?

    With my gear, Shard of Contempt or Mark of the Champion. Obviously vs an undead / demon coupled with DST.
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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    Omg a draenei that killed Kel'thuzad!
    Seriously stick with Shard of Contempt.

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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    thats what i was thinking, but i havent found any sites or dps calculators that compared the 2. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    im one of the top posters of that forums warrior boards, and no it wont help in this situation - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    First off I wanna say, im not a warrior, I've always been a healing class. But from a raw math point of view
    MotC adds about what 11dps? even with talents that would get as high as 15ish?
    so 15dps added to your current 256 dps unbuffed. So im thinking thats about 8% increase? of course thats only added when you dont miss, get parried or dodged.
    vs 4% increase to hitting the boss by taking dodge, and parry off the table. With the increased AP proc that would add about 20dps or more.

    I'd go with SoC personally, but again i am not a math wizard, and really shouldn't be talking about this cause ive never even cleared ZA.
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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    I think if I had onslaught bracers, and onlaught belt / vashj belt, that MotC would be a clear winner, because i think those 2 items would push me beyond any attacks being dodged. Right now i believe my attacks only have a .2% chance. With those 2 items i would have a -0.3% according to - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Re: SoC or MotC?

    As long as you're as close to the 6% dodge/parry reduction as possible without the SoC, then it's entirely probable the MotC will be better. However, if the huge amount of expertise it adds will put you closer overboard than it put you away from 6% ( IE, you had 4.25 and went to 7), then SoC will still be better, becuase the Heroism proc is fairly strong on top of that expertise.

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