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    Could you help me about Mu'ru?


    If you think about I am a foreigner (because my English have some trouble).. you're right. I'm not EU and US. I'm Asian :P but I like second language. ;D

    Anyway.. My guild were crash to Mu'ru. However we couldn't see Mu'ru's health lower than 70% > I think SK Gaming used to 5 shaman's bloodlus at the first. So, they might see Mu'ru's health 50%..

    Is that right?

    And I have a question another thing. Void sentinel and 8 void are too painful. How could endure ONLY ONE protection paladin? Has paladin 2~3 healers? Did he gear shadow protection armors? need resistance figure on 350??

    How many camps doyou have? We have 2 camps- super south and super north. Is that OK?

    I wait for your answers

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    Re: Could you help me about Mu'ru?

    1) Only SK downed it
    2) Check their personal website, best place to find information imo
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    Re: Could you help me about Mu'ru?

    I believe some of the adds can be 'dispelled' using spells like mass dispell. I read this in wowhead comments and cant personally confirm this.

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