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    Off topic?

    I just would like to know if there has ever been any plans to add an Off topic forum section, I think it would be a pretty nice idea since you could be able to talk about things not related to WoW, like other games or IRL things going on.

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    Re: Off topic?

    We will certainly discuss it.
    Thank you for your contribution.

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    Re: Off topic?

    [me=Wildhorn]hugs Olison[/me]
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    Re: Off topic?

    I suggest a off topic board and boub hates me.

    infernalx suggets it and Olison will discuss it.


    I, Steeve of Kalecgos, second this notion of an off-topic board.
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    Re: Off topic?

    Yes, give me my Kingdom plx.

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    Re: Off topic?

    @Steeve : Nah, now I just hate Olison too. ^^

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    Re: Off topic?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    @Steeve : Nah, now I just hate Olison too. ^^
    Harsh! :<

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    Re: Off topic?

    I support this thread

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    Re: Off topic?

    Have an off topic thread and then an option on your profile to toggle on/off the last 5 threads in that section only in a sepetate box on the main page?
    That way the spammers are happy and it doesn't interfere with the regular stuff.

    You could go even futher and just make it so post count doesn't go up on that section.. if thats what you're worried about..

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    Re: Off topic?

    while we are off-topicing, Boubouille should no longer be shortened to "Boub", make it Boob.

    now on the off-topic-topic: It's not just "add a forum quicky", MMO-champ has a nice clean rep to look after, an off-topic board will need a LOT of supervision and strict rules or it might endanger the current atmosphere the site has worked on for so long. We all know it'll just end up filled with rick-rolling and people hitting there balls on something while skateboarding.

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    Re: Off topic?

    Quote Originally Posted by myarluu
    if we have off topic itll be random videos and kids crying about their lifes saying there going to /suicide ...
    ...uh...or not. What messed up off-topic forums do you visit?
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    Re: Off topic?

    Why are old posts being bumped?
    Free gold tomorrow!

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    Re: Off topic?

    I wouldn't mind an off topic forum

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    Re: Off topic?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steeve
    Why are old posts being bumped?
    Someone really wanted an off-topic forum.

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