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    Caith UI's Trouble

    I was downloading Caith's UI and I'm confused abou two things. When I try to click on the omen.lua thing, my computer says it cant locate the program, not letting me go to step 3. And just to make sure I've done things right, what does she mean when she says backup the WTF and Interface folder?

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    Re: Caith UI's Trouble

    open it with notepad by using the load option in notepad, choosing notepad as the default program to open that file with or by dragging and dropping the file to an empty notepad window.

    by backing up she means copy the files to a different location - as in any other location will do just not the same, so you could just paste them back in case your files get corrupted and return to the previous settings you had before installing the UI.

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    Re: Caith UI's Trouble

    OH! Okay... I opened it with OpenOffice2.0 [another form of Word I guess] is that okay? And two things, one, my action bar, chatbox, and combatlog is uneven, how do I fix it? Two, where would I add another actionbar? Or as a matter, how would I add another action bar?

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    Re: Caith UI's Trouble

    I also have a problem with it, if someone could please help.

    Something is wrong when I try and load the Caithe UI profile on pitbull, as instructed by the steps she put down.
    When I do it, refresh my UI, nothing happens.

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    Re: Caith UI's Trouble

    Ive got a totally different problem with the new cath ui. Exactly with the new pitbull addon: on my health bar the shamy color is simply ugly. I wanted to change it back to the old dark blue, but there are only 2 options: cyan or green (not colored by class). Please help me guys! White or anything else would be great for me

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