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    2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with pitbulls in the new update...

    for me my old unit pitbull frame prior the update were fine apart from aura's not being able to show anymore.. downloaded and installed new lastest pitbull updates from wowace and it's kinda messed up and unable to going into any pitbull options with a few other extra errors.

    anyone had this problem or know how to fix, let me know, thanks.

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    Re: 2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    nope, maybe its another addon that deals with your auras ? i have pitbull dealing with the buffs/debuffs for my target but something else for mine

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    Re: 2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    I'm having problems with Pitbull not showing auras. There are people out there from various forums etc with the same issue, but no one seems to have a solution. I keep downloading a new copy each time it is updated, and I still can not turn auras on.

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    Re: 2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    myne had the problem of not showing, updated it and it wont let me change settings, but i belive its fixed now, you might just have to delete and remake your pitbull

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    Re: 2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    I had the exact same problem with Pitbull not showing auras and decided to make a post on a couple of forums. Got the solution I wanted yesterday.

    Just follow the link leading to a fix in the reply made by Vigy on the WowAce Forums

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    Re: 2.4.2 PitBull UnitFrames Problems

    yep, got this fixed too, just follow the link Nixor posted.. thanks to a US WoW forum post I managed to find through google helped me fix this problem

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