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    Starting drood @ arena

    Hello, Im just getting my druid to 70 and wondering which spec should I start with and which class. I know alot of druids, about their job on arenas but I dont know which is best class to start with. With my shaman I got only xp with nab warriors (not using def abilities like Spell Reflect and Intervene), I dont know is the same problem with druid or how to search really skilled one.

    Specs: 8-11-42, 13-11-37 or dreamstate.

    So do you have any advices which class to start with and which spec I should use? Im getting full merci asap and aim for venge weapon first(1800+ rating).

    Ohh and which you recommend to take on feral? Ferocity/Feral Agression? :

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    1 look at 1500+ resto druids on armoury

    2 Copy their speccs

    3 do the very easy abilites

    4 2000 rating
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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    Quote Originally Posted by Utal
    1 look at 1500+ resto druids on armoury

    2 Copy their speccs

    3 do the very easy abilites

    4 2000 rating
    1. 1500-1600 = Only noobs or ppl who doesnt have gear.

    2. Specs can be shit.

    3. Easy abilities? :0

    4. 2k rating, with who? :f

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    You could try dueling your warriors. If they kill you without RGN or you totally messing up, play with them
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    The definition of balance is when all the classes are whining at the same time, at the same volume.

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    dreamstate is fine with a rogue or maybe even a hunter or lock in 2's but not so ideal anywhere else.
    only spec 13 balance if you've got enough + to healing.
    but imho, give all specs a try and see wich one you like best. I didn't like dreamstate to much, really missed the feral charge but when playing with a rogue you don't need it all that much.
    i also found that gemming for mana regen = bad. better to gem for healing and drink then to gem for mana efficiency and get less opportunities to drink.

    other then that, almost any partner will do. with warrior and especially hunter partner your games can take a while. actually, most games will last relatively long =)

    oh and take feral agression, ferocity is good for nothing as resto.

    one more thing, don't stare yourself blind on those numbers: I was specced 8/13/40 myself
    and would have specced like this if i had had more to healing:

    yes, i feel improved stealth is worth the points, though offcourse not everyone shares that opinion.

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    Don't spec dreamstate/resto without BT level gear.

    8/11/42 probly your best bet just starting out

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    oh and why is that? because Serennia said so? Or do you have a better reason...

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    Re: Starting drood @ arena

    You are asking us which spells to use. You have leveled to 70, you have spend some time with this druid and you probably tried all those skills out at least once after you got them.

    Now, think about what kind of enemies and teams you might run into in arena ... and try to figure out which spells might be benificial to you. How can you keep your partner alive against cc, counterspell, lots of movement and stress.

    By learning your class yourself ... you will become a far better player. Just let your intuition tell you which spells you will need. If in doubt ... try to bind and be able to use them all.

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