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    WoW pvp limitations and comparison

    I was a fan of starcraft many years back. I did fairly good on starcraft pvp (of course that game is a pvp based game).

    I started to play wow several month ago only. The reason I started wow is because I wanna new challenges for a new pvp game. Not something for kids shooting games but some serious pvp.

    I admit I am not a expert on wow pvp yet, cuz i didn't hit 2000+. but considering the time I started and my class is a mage. (I enjoy it though).

    But after talking to many friends of mine, I finally realize that this game's pvp system is never going to be as good/balance as some RTS games like starcraft and warcraft, which is pretty understandable.

    Aside from that, the pvp seems never going to be as popular as other games, like some pro-league games in Korea ans Asians. The wow pvp is hard to watch/understand by general people, and very fast compared to other games.
    I know there are some activities going on for professional pvp and competitions including real-money rewards. I just feel it wont' go any further.

    The reasoning goes:

    1. 1v1 fighting is like a state machine. If you ever played "king of fighter" you will understand. (except "king of fighter" needs more skill on keyboarding)

    You use your skill based on what class/spec your opponent is. Every single skill you use, is predictable. Not much space to improve after you getting to a certain level. It limits the key thing for pro-gaming---creativity. That's why wow pvp isn't as excited as other games.

    Noob wow pvpers suck, mostly simply because they don't know the fight.
    Mage doesn't know trinket is used for blind against rogue, and blink is saved for kidney.

    After some basic understanding and practice, everyone can be decent pvper. (Arena is bit different as it depends on team/comp)
    As opposed to starcraft and warcraft. (fans knows every basic thing in the game, but they can't be pro simply because they can't...)

    2. global CD limits the action you can do. Multi-tasking is limited by it. It all comes down to the reaction/team coordination, not multi-tasking. Even you know every single detail in the field, you can still cast 1 spell every 1.5 secs.

    3. wow pvp is not a spectators sports.
    fight is fast, and not designed for people to enjoy watching.
    In warcarft, or starcraft, people can just sit there watching 5 hours live games between pros, and enjoy, or even sit there watching 5 hours of replays without any comments. people enjoy them. That's why they are so successful on getting fans.

    Wow pvp is for the player itself. No spectators, no market.

    Then why wow pvp has so many sucky players? Simply because the player base is so huge compared to other games, not because pvp itself is complicated.

    after all, wow is still a pve based game.

    Please do not flame. I am not writing this because I am stuck at pvp. I am still progressing, and I am not complaining anything. it's just the way the game is.

    I just thought it makes some sense to stop, think, and compare the pvp game mechanisms.

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    Re: WoW pvp limitations and comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by Sascatuan
    Its all in the eye of the beholder my friend, watching a SC match for 5 hours.....no thank you, i am indeed a hardcore fan of the game, but 5 hour games? No thanks ill spend that on wow, as for 1v1, the game wasnt designed around 1v1, its been said a million times, dont like it dont play...,and to say wow is not for spectators is not exactly true either, if your a fan of wow, your a fan of enjoying a good pvp match, depending on the class you play. But i feel your pain since your fairly new i suppose? You kinda had bad timing on when you started to play i suppose, BC both made, and broke the game all at once.
    Thanks for the reply. I am not saying all those because i am frustrated. I only played at lvl70 for 3 months, and couple hours a day only, but i beat good players and someone said i'm the best mage he dueled for a long time.

    I am just happening to play both SC and wow pvp, and have some sort of comparision between the two.

    Just consider how many ppl are making a living by playing wow pvp? How many ppl still making a living by playing SC pvp....after 10 years of the release?

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    Re: WoW pvp limitations and comparison

    Best pvp game hands down is CS. (not necessarily source) I am talking 1.3-1.6. All attributes were the same, only difference was the skin you chose for your character. It is the ideal ESPORT game because it even has a spectator mode. Everyone understands the game because well, what is there not to understand. You have a gun you shoot the opposing player. The skill balance can be unfair in PUG play but when you talk competition its all about skill and strat and NOT like an above poster mentioned, random crits and resists.

    I played SC and yes that was another well balanced and fair playing game. The micro needed for that game was extraordinary and well that is why I ended up walking away. I would take long breaks during school and had to reestablish something that wasn't like riding a bike.

    I have a mage and a priest in wow both chars have over 40 days played post 70, (My mage has 75) I have achieved 19XX ratings on both and TBH my priest with shitty gear faired exponentially better than my mage in 2v2 just because of the pairing options. 1v1 i can kill almost anything in a slow and painful manner but my mage has hard counter classes and takes so much skill to be effective that it is borderline un-enjoyable to play when i hit any sort of druid hunter combo or druid anything combo.

    But thats just me. The OP is right, wow is not a balanced enough game for ESPORTING, I do however enjoy watching the top teams videos, most of which have great music and good editing. Skill will only get you so far in WoW. Chance is everything. (Right down to the crits and resists, not to mention who you re gonna face in arena. I mean I once lost 172 points one night fighting the same team over and over, thats Bull SH!T. Its wasnt even skill we lacked it just happened that every time we climbed up to a certain level we faced our compositions counter class.)

    My 2 Cents.

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    Re: WoW pvp limitations and comparison

    Well if all the games were the same, it would be very boring.

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    Re: WoW pvp limitations and comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by Dyo
    arena is based on luck not skill
    you fail

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