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    %t = Target, ?? = class?

    Hi, I'll make it short...
    is there a way to announce in a macro, for example

    <NUKE <My Targets Class>>?

    I know %t makes "target", but can I announce the class with a similar command?


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    Re: %t = Target, ?? = class?

    You can download this addon: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...MacroTalk.html

    And with that you can use a lot more %-commands.
    Such as:
    %tc for TargetClass
    %tl for TargetLevel
    %tg for TargetGender
    %thp for TargetHealthPercent
    %tic for TargetRaidicon

    %mc for MouseoverClass
    %ml for MouseoverLevel

    %ttc for TargetTargetClass
    %ttl for TargetTargetLevel

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