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    PvP Addons

    starting playin arena seriously now while not raiding and am interested to know if theres any addons that help, not super hardcore but balanceing around the 1850 mark.

    Im lookin for addons that can show my priest/ mage partner CC times ( if possible )
    And some how show me the Blind duration without having to target the toon.

    Also feel free to suggest anymore addons.

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    Re: PvP Addons

    I'd say you get Proximo (shows ur enemies in a frame with their health/mana, but it bugs from time to time).

    I use Nature Enemy Castbar to see stuff like blind when not targetting the enemy.

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    Re: PvP Addons

    thanks for reply any other suggestions ?

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    Re: PvP Addons

    most unit frame addons come with focus frame, i'd recommend to utilize it for cc and such

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