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    3v3 setup warrior+enha shammy

    Hi, when s4 starts i'll create a new 3v3 with a my friend shammy, that is elem atm but he will respec enha and get merciless and s4 items.
    we both got about 420 resi good hp, crit and attack power.
    which is the best third class for our setup?
    do u think that is possible to get 2k rating with this combo?
    thx all.
    P.S. sorry for my bad english ;D

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    Re: 3v3 setup warrior+enha shammy

    Yes warrior, enha shaman and a healer sure is able to get to +2k rating, the burst potential of the combo is just totally insane. I've seen rogues and mages go down from 100% to 10% in 2 seconds. Played a bit of this setup during this season. Best healers for the combo in my opinnion are resto druid and holy paladin, of which paladin comes on top.

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    Re: 3v3 setup warrior+enha shammy

    Holy pala works greatly with his bubbles and BoF's.

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    Re: 3v3 setup warrior+enha shammy

    I would like to see 2k+ rated teams with war+enh using a pala as a healer, since while BoP and BoF sounds nice in theory, they're easily dispelled and will be at high rating. Couple that with the constant high damage on shammy and how easy it is to shut down a healing pally, I don't see why you claim they're better than rdruids for that combo.
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