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    Warrior + dps 2v2

    Hi guys, ill start a 2v2 with a my friend (enha shammy).
    I'm 33/28/0 and mace specced.
    I know that resto druid will be the best, but find a skilled/geared pvp resto druid is close to impossible...so i'll try this new combo.
    Normally warrior without the healer will be nuked, but enha shammy+warrior got insane burst damage, expecially on cloth and when WF procs. ;D
    You guys think that this combo will work well also at around 2k ratings (we both got 400+ resi)? ???
    thx for the attention 8)

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    Re: Warrior + dps 2v2

    If you're both good players you could go 1800's... but tbh warrior isn't really anything without a healer... Make him go resto! Or find a pala/druid for 3v3...

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    Re: Warrior + dps 2v2

    For whatever reason.. warriors suck without a healer... but with.. they are nutz.

    I've done a few combinations with warriors, 2 dps and they never go well. Warrior gets focused/controlled and can't do anything about it and is removed from the game... and the 2nd dps gets doubleteamed.

    Rogue, they have Vanish/Cloak
    Mage, they have Iceblock/Blink
    Hunter, they have freeze/frost/scattershot
    Ret Pally has BoP/Bubble

    Warriors... have a Single Fear + Hamstring... so they need the support
    I think of the same thing for Shamans, but even they have some nasty things they can do.

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    Re: Warrior + dps 2v2

    I've seen I think 2 warrior+rogue teams above 2k and 1 warrior+warlock team above 2k. that's it, and I consider those exceptions to the rule.

    your setup should be good enough for 1850 if you're not terribad and persevere. It's not something that will work out from the get go. You'll need to work out how to deal with every setup and you'll have to play a lot of games to offset all the teams that will counter you. I think you should, with some practice, do well against anything with a druid/priest/shaman healer. or some weird double dps teams. but the more comon double dps teams will chew you up and spit you out. I guess you can even win from pala healer teams. but once you start meeting more skilled/geared opponents, you won't even be able to beat those.

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    Re: Warrior + dps 2v2

    any setup is possible :P

    i ran lock/warrior with a friend to 2050ish and just got a druid after that
    and my friend also ran warrior/mage to 2.1k

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