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    [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    Hello dear Community at Mmo-Champion. I've been reading alot of posts about 'PvP' here for quite a time now. I finally decided to register to share my knowledge with everyone

    Straight to the point.

    - as the subject says, Warrior/Disc Priest is it a bad/could work/decent/good/hell yeah combo for arena, i just see and hear people reach some pretty nice rating with this combo. Now i want you to rate this combo with your own words, and if you please, explain your reasons for your chosen rate for this combo, Thanks for reading.


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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    Requires alot of coordination. The priest needs to be pretty exceptional tho.

    My friends got 2k with this setup early s3. But that priest was one of those you couldn't kill as long as he had a mana pool.
    Druid+Rogue will rape you tho + the majority of the warlock teams out there.

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    Tried this combo for awhile made it to 1663 rating on Cyclone EU :P but you won't win against warrior/druids, rogue/rogue, the outcome is always random no matter how much skill you or your warrior have, you'll run out-of-mana alot faster than he can kill. Discs priest are the worst healer a warrior can team with IMO, if you've some really nice gear and your warrior is exceptionally skilled at kitting enemy DPS your team could get 1850 rating tops :P depending on battlegroup and gear of course.

    I know this is very common knowledge but for the priest it's very important that he practice not to get CCed, particularly mages/rogue combos, shadow priest/warlock and warlock/druid by sidestepping LOS it's something you really need to be able to do. Overall this combo leaves a very small margin for errors, but it's a fun combo. It really requires some effort from both warrior and priest.

    Arenajunkies is a very useful site for these things, found the guide for you

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    warriors really need a long lasting healer
    thats why rogue/priest works well

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    I'd rate this combo as just good.. cause there is alot better and easier combos to arena as. I play a warrior/disc priest set up and i've gotta say it can be pretty frustrating but my buddy priest and I have gotten to 2050 on the whirlwind us battlegroup, whirlwind isnt the best bg but u can still see that the setup can work, u cant really play defensively tho, with all the different drains there are u cant outlast other teams so u gotta coordinate fears well and gank something before the priest is oom. Anything with a druid is hard, warrior/druid try to gank warrior, lol rogue/rogue is always fun tho, usually 1 rogue dies right as priest dies and then its 1 vs 1 or both rogues live and your screwed. The priest really does have to be pretty exceptional tho to make it work, it can be a fun combo so i'd say definately try it out and see if u like it.

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]


    I'v tryed this build for some time now as the priest. We have topped 1750 so far, still working on better gear both of us so its gonna get higher.

    I Can say that this build has pottential for getting 2k Rating. Warrior/Druid, Shammy or Palading are not hard to beat. Since you need to use the DISC offensive, atleast 13 points in shadow for faster Fear (23sec CD) and Mind Flay, i do all the way to reach + Silence. There you have more then enough to kill off a warrior during priest CC.

    I Would say the only teams we have problems with is against Dual DPS, whats so ever. Rouge / Mage are the worst since our Warrior don't get any dmg out what so ever within first 1-2 mins. Dual Ret Palas are kicking my as and rouge warrior the same. Were still working on getting those builds down..

    But most of the healing / dps teams we can pretty easy take down with combined CC & high DPS from the warrior. Being a Druid is not as easy against this build with piercing howl & mind flay!

    I Would say 75-80% of our losses are against 2x DPS teams.

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    I got this setup to 2k rating in conviction easily. We faced few killer teams agaisnt us who all had full s3. This is hard but fun combo indeed. My warrior will get s3 shoulders tomorrow and we reached 2k rating with his gear which is 120 resilience without the trinket ^^

    PS. And please dont go to that mind flay specc. Reflective shield is much more useful and pain suppression also because you cant always throw big heals.

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    I'd vote for good, I got to 1750 with my old disc priest friend on Bloodlust BG group, but just kept going up and down with the ratings, we gave up and focused on 5s instead, and then I found a Resto Shaman partner and we got to 1850 Rating a week ago.

    It can work but really need a lot of practice, there are some high rating disc/wars around but its really rare cause theres just way too many counters and it really gets frustrating.

    For example, my priest would die to ANY 2 DPS teams, 2 rogues, rogue+mage, no matter how hard I disarm, shield reflect sheep, or fear, other than that other teams like druid/war dominates us unless i get a lucky stun or crit or we fear them at the right time, plus a lot of double mana drain teams will just suck your priest dry.

    Gotta love mass dispel though ~_^

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    Re: [Warrior/Disc Priest]

    It's a good combo. Not rank1 good, but 2200+ good.

    eXit: You don't honestly think combo sucks if you beat some scrubs at 1500 rating do you ?

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